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Do you know how much your gate suffers under the sun and rain all day long? Read our tips for quick gate repair and maintenance that will prolong its life.

Dealing with electrical interference

For homeowners with gates that use an automatic opening system with a remote, electrical interference can be a real problem. Placement of the remote and especially the sensors can be a key factor. Our technical experts at Gate Repair San Gabriel have found that the placement can sometimes be counter-intuitive, so it’s best to have experts take a look at it as part of a general inspection.

Addressing problems caused by gate vibration

A frequent problem that crops up with homeowners who have an automatic gate opening system installed is that the safety feature that detects metal and stops the gate closing on a car can become confused by the vibration of the gate itself. The movement of the rollers carrying the heavy gate can actually create a magnetic disturbance that confuses the sensors.

Keep intruders out

Your steel gate is basically the first line of your home's defense against any enemy and you should get informed about possible upgrades via internet or the experts at Gate Repair Gabriel. Modern residential gate openers can close the gate behind you without pressing the multicode remote and can turn on the lights. Intercom installation would also give you the ability to forbid entrance to strangers.

Maintaining electric gates

Check all the components of your swinging or sliding electric gate including the sensors. All the mechanical parts should be lubricated and tensioned well for proper operation. In case of a slide gate, the chains, rollers and wheels should be free from obstruction.

Lubricate regularly

Lubrication is not a one-time process but should actually be done regularly. Over time, the lubricating agent wears out, especially with hinges and sliding gate rollers. You will know that lubrication is required when moving parts start to make noises and the gate moves slower. Use the proper products when lubricating your gates.

Remote not working

Try replacing the remote batteries. Usually, remotes malfunction due to worn out batteries. You can easily tell if you need new ones when the transmission light gets dimmer or when it only turns on for a short time.

Emphasize the need for gate security

As what every gate company in San Gabriel would tell you, your gate is your first line of protection from interlopers or trespassers. As such, you have to ascertain its security. Avoid the need for security gates repair by ensuring security at the moment the gate is installed. Choose a reputable contractor to install the gate for you.

Don't allow children to play with automatic gates

Automatic gates are made very safe with the use of sensors that prevent collisions. It is still however, very dangerous to use the gate as a toy. Keep control of the gate away from children by storing remotes high or in hidden compartments.

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