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Do you have a residential or a commercial gate on your property? Or maybe you are looking for a gate company to install one for you.  May we suggest our gate company at Gate Repair San Gabriel? We are a gate contractor like no other. We are dependable, trustworthy, and professional, do high quality work and are affordable. What more could you ask for? How about a gate company that does every gate service that there is?  This is also us. We do all gate services from repairs to installations. If it has to do with gates then we are the company for you. Give us a call today!Driveway Gate

Hire our electric gate repair services for the perfect resolution of any problem from broken chain and damaged hinge welding to stuck opener and failed safety sensors. We fix panels, hardware parts and electronic components equally well thanks to our expert knowledge and dexterity. For any job, from damaged roller replacement to clicker troubleshooting, we use only the best modern equipment and spare parts. Via our same day emergency service, urgent issues are dealt with in the shortest time. Speed, precision and attention to detail are in the core of our gate installation service as well. All aspects of the work from panel painting to opener adjustment are done immaculately. As part of our professional maintenance service, we not only care for all components, but fix them and replace them timely.

Our Driveway Gate San Gabriel offers a wonderful maintenance service for our customers. This is a service that every person who has a gate needs. This service can also be called a preventative service because that is what it does. If you have us come out and do a maintenance service on your driveway gate it can stop small issues from becoming big repairs. We will come out as often as you would like us to and go over your whole gate and look for any issues that there may be. We will oil parts that may need it. It is a great way to take care of your gate.

A fantastic gate service that our company offers is our driveway gate repair.  It is a service that beats out all other services. We at our San Gabriel Gate Repair can do any gate repair that may come up. Maintenance is a great preventative service but eventually your gate will need some repair work. This is when you should turn to our company because we can take the best care of any gate that you have.

Install all type and brands of Gates

When you call us we will come out and do driveway gate troubleshooting to locate the problem then we will fix driveway gate issues. Some of the things that we can do for you are repair broken driveway gate chain, repair driveway gate track and so much more. Our Driveway Gate San Gabriel can also do a driveway gate adjustment for you. Give us a call today.

Our Gate Repair San Gabriel can also do repairs like repair and install all types of gate openers and devices, new installations, broken gate repairs, post repair, broken hinge repair gate track repair, gate wheels repair, safety gate sensor repair install, exit loop installation and repair, install gate motor on existing gate and residential & commercial broken gate spring repair and spring replacements.

Our driveway gate service also has a driveway gate opener service that is simply amazing. Driveway gate openers are an addition to a gate that will make life with a driveway gate so much easier. Our Driveway Gate San Gabriel can provide, install and repair any opener that there is. We have some of the best models of openers that we provide for our customers. They are:

  • FAAC
  • All O MATIC
  • RENO

Like a lot of other companies we have a website. This website can tell you much more about us.

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