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Do you know anything about gate repair and replacement? Do you have any questions about your own gate? Here are the best answers. You will also find out the common problems of gates and new technologies that can control gate operation from the house.

How can an electric gate be operated from inside the house?

For this, you will require a gate intercom system. That way, you can speak to the person outside and open the gate with the push of a button. You can add a video camera to the gate and a monitor inside to see what happens outside as well.

Will the hinges hold the swing gate?

Swing gate hinges are strong and made to hold the moving gates in place. Though, you must make sure they're made of durable steel and are large enough to hold the weight of the door. Our experts recommend replacing them before they'll get completely rusty.

What do I need to know about block gate hinges?

Block gate hinges are hinges created with solid steel, usually attached with a stainless steel pin on the top portion. This pin goes into a cylindrical hole in the bottom section where a small steel ball is located. It also has a zerk grease fitting at the bottom where grease can be pumped in for lubrication purposes.

Do I need a gate in my home?

There isn't one right answer for this, but it’s generally a good idea to get a gate for added security. This is assuming that you have the yard space and fencing to accommodate the gates. It is also important to consider costs and maintenance. Weigh your options carefully and see if the maintenance is worth your peace of mind.

What usually goes wrong in gates?

Gates have a number of parts that need regular check-ups and monitoring. According to experts at Gate Repair San Gabriel , rollers, fasteners, hinges and brackets should be regularly maintained as these parts get rusty easily. Once rust builds up on these parts, the performance of the whole gate is affected. The alignment and tension of the gates should also be monitored as faulty alignment can cause accidents and breakage to both gate and property.

What are the advantages of having electrically controlled gates?

In either your home or workplace you have to put your security in top priority. This is primarily why gates are installed. Electrically controlled or automated gates give much better protection from vandals, opportunists and thieves. You have more control on who can have access to your premises by making your gates your first line of defense. It is easier to monitor entries without having to go near your gate.

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